Everywhere you go leave a glitter trail of kindness behind you

Take a minute to just think about the millions of random acts of kindness that happen every day, you’ll feel amazing. Here are some that I’ve experienced recently

Resolutions – the trick is to have no fear of failure

You mustn’t be afraid to sparkly a little brighter. Let’s see what 2019 will bring

All Hail Irish Rail

I’ve been fan girling over Irish Rail in the last few month’s because of the nifty digital time table d…

Braille, Technology and Literacy! VIP Interview with Stuart Lawler

How has Braille stood the test of time? I caught up with Stuart Lawler to talk all things Braille, Technology and Literacy

Just Two Girls Drinking Wine Talking VIP

Perceptions of ability underpin how and if people with disabilities are included in society. I had the chats with my bestie Sarah to talk all things, Travel, Disclosure and Perceptions!

Blind Brunch On a Budget!

Thank god for all the small and simple to use little machines! Had a very yummy brunch this morning thanks to my new waffle maker!